Themes, styles, and colour are the main principles we use when creating your perfect wedding  flowers.

 Yet, there are many other details to consider.

Here are a few to get you started.

What shade of lipstick, nail polish and accessories will the bride be wearing?

What colour is her hair?

 What style of gown will she wear, is the fabric rich and heavy or light and airy.

Is there beadwork or a design line that the shape of the bouquet will compliment or will it block that important design.

Will she be wearing a veil?

What is the frame size of the bride, How tall is she?

(with shoes on)

What colour suit, waistcoat, tie, cravat or handkerchiefs will the groom and groomsmen be wearing?

What fabric type? (This will have a bearing on the style and weight of a boutonniere.)

Are you having coloured tablecloths, napkins or chair covers?

Will they match the flower theme?

Do any of the bridal party have flower allergies?

Did you know some flowers and leaves can stain?

In some cultures the type and colour of a flower has a strong symbolic association.

Usually our older generations can advise here.



By Botanica

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